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Are adoption records public?

Adoption records are often sealed or only allow restricted or partial access in most states. However, there are exceptions, with some states having open adoption records.

Can adoption records be sealed?

Yes. Many states and courts seal adoption records once the adoption is finalized. However, there is a process for eligible people to access the sealed records if needed, although the process varies from state to state.

Typically, only the birth parents, adoptive parents, and person adopted can access sealed adoption records.

Can an adoption be reversed?

Adoption is legally binding and considered finalized once all parties, including a judge, sign the agreement. This is why so many safeguards are in place during the process to ensure that all parties agree on the adoption.

That said, there are some circumstances where the adoption can be reversed or terminated. The specifics can vary by state. The court will consider the child’s best interest when making a decision.

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