Should you sell your home? It seems like a simple question, yet ask 10 people and you will likely get 10 different answers. Within real estate markets there always seems to be so much conflicting information. Plus, everyone thinks they are an expert! Even people who have never owned a home suddenly have profound real estate insights to share. With all the confusion, how do you decide if selling your home is the right move?

Let’s be clear on a fundamental truth, the decision to sell your home is a deeply personal decision. Naturally, factors such as market conditions, equity in the home, and your financial situation are factors to be carefully weighed. Ultimately, you need to do what feels right for you and your family even if the market stars are not aligning perfectly. There are always great reasons to sell your home and we are going to share three of them with you.

You Need More Space

This is one of the most common reasons for selling a home. Single individuals and young families often buy a “starter home”. These tend to be affordable, small homes that fit a first time home buyer budget. Over time, there is a need for more space. A single adult may have more furniture, want room for guests, adopt pets, or get engaged. Young families may need more room for kids that are older and need their own space, to accommodate more children, or to make space for a beloved elderly relative.

“Moving Up” to a bigger house can be exciting. Imagine not having to share a bathroom with the kids or with guests? A bigger home can provide a lot more than more bedrooms and bathrooms. You may gain a garage, a bigger backyard, a finished basement, larger entertainment areas, and…a full sized kitchen with a pantry. Divine, right?

Beyond the changes in daily living, a more spacious home can offer a delightful change of lifestyle. Your new, larger home will likely accommodate guests more comfortably, especially for extended family visits. Instead of cramped dinner parties, you may host events that flow between spacious rooms and outdoor areas. Your new home may even become the family favorite for celebrating holidays!

If the thought of dozens of people walking around your house gives you anxiety, remember, you don’t have to host guests! Whether you invite people into your space or not, a bigger home gives you a lot more space to enjoy. If you are not into having guests, that spare bedroom can become an office or a beautifully appointed library. Your days can be filled with light, air, and silence – all in a spacious home that is all yours.

You Need Less Space

Oh, we can wax poetic about the joys of a dedicated laundry room, but we recognize that not everyone is looking for more space. The opposite may very well be true. You may find yourself at the stage in your life when the big house is more hassle than comfort.

“Downsizing” can be equally as exciting as “upsizing”. There are so many options ahead! Whether it’s a cottage on the beach, a high-rise condo in an urban area, or even a well-appointed apartment in a retirement center, shopping for a smaller home can be an adventure.

If you are truly adventurous, you may even decide to try a Tiny House. These small, portable homes are typically hand-built and can be “parked” on designated lots, backyards, tiny home communities, and more. Providing between 100 to 500 square feet of living space, these homes comes with a crash course in economy of space.

Yet tiny homeowners love it. They can build their house to their own specifications with many features of the home serving double duty. Everything has its spot and there is a designated spot for everything! It’s not for everyone, but those who have adopted the lifestyle often talk about the incredible feeling of freedom that comes with living in a tiny house.

Sea-side living, urban dwelling, senior communities, and tiny homes are all great options for enjoyable housing solutions once you sell your home. Many individuals who downsize report a feeling of “lightness” once they let go of all their “stuff”. Regardless of where you downsize to, take the time to evaluate what needs to go and what keepsakes need to adorn your new, streamlined world.

You Need a Change of Venue

Sometimes it’s not about more space or less space, it’s about different space. If you have spent all your life in quiet country living, maybe you are craving the faster heartbeat of city life. Or conversely, maybe urban life has worn you down and small town life is calling. You need a change and the one thing you can’t take with you is your home (well, unless you own a tiny house!).

Renting your home to tenants may be a reasonable solution, but often a permanent change of venue requires selling your home. The proceeds of the sale may support your move and fund a whole new life. In some circumstances, the financials are a not a factor and selling the home is more a symbolic “letting go” that allows you to fully embrace your new adventure.

Make sure you are prepared for the logistics involved in selling your home to move away. You will need to decide whether to stay in the home until it’s sold or to go ahead with the move and leave the home vacant to sell. Both are viable options that require planning and patience.

If you stay in the home, you will likely need to stage it for sale. Be prepared to have buyers viewing the home and to accommodate open house events. If you move, you need to ensure you can financially maintain two residences and that you have excellent communication with your real estate team. Either way, remember the sales process is only temporary and eventually you will be fully rooted in your new home.

Embrace the Sale

Regardless of your reasons for selling your home, relocating can be immensely exciting. Not only do you gain a new place to live, you will likely have a new job, meet new neighbors, and build new friendships. New places can bring wonderful new experiences and introduce you to exciting new cultural vibes – enjoy it!

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